Pivoines is the French word for peonies. Pivoines Capano is a charming peony farm. Our farm is entirely dedicated to the CULTURE OF PEONIES. We sell peony cut flowers during blooming season (June & July) and bare root divisions of peony plants delivered in the fall only.

Our peony cut flowers are generally available from the first week of June to the end of July. They are cut in buds to ease shipping and conservation in cold storage. Do not worry, they open easily when place in a vase with water. Freshly cut, they have an excellent vase life & we have a wonderful choice of flower forms and colors. Please, have a look in the <<CUT FLOWERS>> section of our site for more details.

In the province of Quebec we have customers florists in the cities of Québec, Lévis, Trois-Rivières, Montréal and even Saint-Paulin (Hello Laurence...). Les Entreprises Marsolais, wholesaler in Montreal , sells our flowers since many years already. And new in 2016, our flowers will be also available in British Columbia at Rosanna Monteleone Import-exports (rosanna@monterossoimportsexports.com). Treat yourself, ask for peonies from PIVOINES CAPANO at your local florist or your wholesaler.

We love peony cut flowers. But we also sell these loving perennial peony plants for the happiness of all gardeners who love no problem plants. Easy of culture, floriferous and long life perennial plants. Have a look at the <<PLANTS>> section of the site to shop in our 2016 Catalogue of plants. We ship bare root divisions of mature plants in the fall.

We know about peonies. We are peony specialist! We sell exceptional plants and gorgeous cut flowers of high quality! And it is grown locally, here in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Quebec. Canada. Grown locally means job and money here, in Canada. THINK LOCAL for your next purchase in plants & flowers.

Last words. As we are getting older, we still have the passion for this wonderful flowers but with less energy. So, we have started looking for a relief at the farm, a new owner, who will have the energy & the passion to go further with the business. We are not in a hurry, we want to find the right relief. If this challenge could be interesting for you please contact Mrs Hélène Lavoie -VIA CAPITALE. by phone (418) 693-4293 or by e-mail: lavoie_helene@videotron.ca

Peony is the flower of happiness. Treat yourself in shopping into my site. The flowers are just gorgeous!