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Drying peony cut flowers is another way to extend the pleasure of these beautiful bouquets and charming moments. First, harvesting! It is necessary to pick them as soon as they start to bloom to avoid the falling of petals when drying.

Then the drying process! Peonies can be air dry or by using a dessicant like silica gel. Air drying is easy. However, the volume of the flower will decrease. First, you need to remove leaves at the base of the stem. Then, dry the flowers by suspending them, head below in a warm and dark place. Another way to do it is by using a dessicant like silica gel for a spectacular effect! This process allows the flower to keep its size and natural shape but it is more expensive and time and space demanding.

Cut the flowers at the stage of advanced floral bud i.e. when you begin to see the color of the petals and keep about 10 cm of stem. Spread a layer of silica gel on the bottom of a plastic container. Place peony flowers delicately in this container in a way that they don't touch each other. Fill in all the spaces between the petals with silica gel and cover completely with it. Close tightly the container and place it in a dry and dark location for two weeks.

Once dried, delicately withdraw the flowers from the container while shaking mildly to remove the silica gel. You are now ready to make your floral arrangements! Your silica gel is reusable for another drying session.There are many excellent books on this subject in the librairies. Look at them because the results are extraordinary! For sure, you will pick very interesting decoration ideas to do with your dried peonies.