A flower of peony means romance, feminity & perennity. Peony cut flowers were probably in the bride bouquet of your mother or grand-mother. Hand-tied bouquet is a bride bouquet easy to realize with peony cut flowers.



Please note: we can offer you all these materials with the exception of the scissors and secators

. Peony cut flowers-available from mid-June to mid-July at our farm

. Florist green tape

. 3- 4 meters of ribbons, the color of your choice

. Decorative pins

. Good secator for the flowers

. A pair of scissors for the ribbon

Buying and conservation of the flowers

Our peony cut flowers are sold in buds, at the soft marshmallow stage to facilitate transportation and conservation.

They have to be kept in cold storage ( 1 et 4C). Buds will take generally between 24 to 72 hours to open at room temperature. Simples, semi-doubles and japanese flowers forms peony buds will generally take 24-48 hours to open. The doubles and bomb type doubles however take a little longer, 2 to 3 days.

SIf your wedding is a Saturday, I will recommend to take the buds of cold storage on Tuesdayt or Wednesday. When they have reache the correct state of opening, do your floral arrangements and when they are ready, keep them in cold storage until the last minute. This will ensure a good life for your bouquet.


Cut the peony stems keeping 12-15 inches long. Stems should be long enough so you can hold them easily, not too short but not too long either because it can be uncomfortable. You have to have a good grip on it

Start with a center flower and make a bouquet in adding one by one other flowers, turning the bouquet manually each time you add one around the flower center.

Using a florist green tape, attach the flowers together so the bouquet keeps its shape. Keep few inches of stems bare, without the green tape in the lower part of the bouquet.

Recut the stems to make an equal finition at the base of the bouquet, keeping about 10- 12 inches or depending of your preferences.

Starting at the base of the bouquet, enroll the decorative ribbon tightly around the middle of the attached flowers. Enroll it until the top of the bouquet. Cut the ribbon and fold the borderline.

Insert decorative pins along the ribbon at equal distances between each of them to make the ribbon tightly attached with a good looking effect. Recut the stems if necessary.

Conservation until the event

Your hand-tied bouquet will have a better life and will keep its beauty if you keep it in cold storage with water until the last minute. If possible, add the ribbon at the last minute and use a dry towel to take off the water from the wet stems.