Alexander Woolcott (Saunders, 1941) - 50$

One of the most beautiful hybrids of M. Saunders. Semi-double flowers of a vivid red with a center of golden stamens. The beautiful red flowers keep their color and their intensity all along flowering. They are carried by strong stems. Early-midseason bloomer. Height 60 cm Slightly fertile, hybrid of first generation.


Alley Cat (Klehm, 1995) - 40$

Crazy little cat ! Another charming <<Cactus dalhia style>> peony from the Klehm family. The flower is a joyous mix of cream, green and rasperry color with the petals irregularly cut and shaped. Small flower but good stem strength. Plant of 90-95 cm. Beginning of mid-season bloomer. Slightly fragrant.


Bartzella (Anderson, 1986) - 169$

An American Peony Society Grand champion winner in 2002. Robust plant with an abundance of large semi-double to double yellow flowers. Every flower measures 15-20 cm. Fragrant. Good flowering plant, each mature Bartzella can hold more than 60 flowers with a blooming period over two weeks. The flowers are held high above the foliage by robust stems. Mid-season. Height: 90cm.


Callies Memories (Anderson, 1990)-119$

Semi-double to double flowers of an apricot and cream color with brown-like center. The margin of the petals presents fine rosy streaks and is slightly cut. At the opening, the flower has the shape of a rose. Flowers held well above the magnificent foliage. Lightly fragrant. Start flowering at mid-season. Height: 90cm.


Carnation Bouquet (Seidl, 1996)-60$

Carnation looking! This peony produce pretty double flowers with petals arrangement looking like the flower carnation. The flower is of a vivid rose, very bright. One flower per stem. Stems strong supporting the flowers without support. Very easy to grow peony with a pretty foliage. Plant of 85 cm. Strongly spicy fragrance. Produce few seeds and own an interesting genetic for the breeders : (Blushing Princess X Sparkling Windflower). An almost perfect note for the whole plant.

Carrara (Bigger, 1952)-45$

Large japanese white flower. Petals are vanilla-white and surround a beautiful golden center. Some ivory petals can emerge from this center giving special effect! Fragrant. Good strong stems. Plant of 80 cm. Early bloomer. High quality peony either for its flowers, foliage and stem strength.

Charm (Franklin, 1931) - 40$

A beautiful late bloomer japanese peony! Dark red flowers, with guard petals and center of the same color except some golden notes in the center. Very strong stems holding upright the flowers above foliage. Late bloomer. Height of 90 cm. Excellent choice to extend the blooming season.


Coral Sunset (Wissing/Klehm, 1981)-50$

One of the very best herbaceous peonies! Large semi-double flowers with a cup form of a marvelous abricot-coral-pinky color at the opening. The color fades prettily to creamy-yellow tone. The flowers are held upright well above the beautiful foliage . Very strong stems. No support needed. Plant of 80 cm. Blooms at the beginning of mid-season.

Cora Louise (Anderson, 1986) - 109$

Huge semi-double to double white flowers. The contrast between the dark crimson color of the center of this peony and the pure white petals is magnificent. Robust stems hold the flowers well above the foliage. Height 90 cm. Start blooming at mid-season. Very reliable plant with lot of flowers year after year. A true beauty in a pure state!


Court Jester (Anderson, 1999) - 109$

A pretty & different intersectional! Court Jester is a wonderful plant with flowers of simple form. At the opening, flowers are of a yellow-orange color and red-burgundy flares contrasting with the golden stamens and red stigmas. A very nice looking flower! Flowers fade gently as they age toward a yellowish-creamy color. Each stem wear many flowers extending the blooming period.. Plant of 80 cm. Mid-season bloomer. Fragrant.



Crazy Daisy (Klehm, 1995) - 45$

A Cactus dalhia style peony with simple flower with petals strongly cut and undulated. Each petal bear a crazy color mix of white, green with red candy lines. Good stems. Plant of 95 cm. Lightly fragrant. As its name tells : a completely crazy look!

Do Tell (Auten, 1946)- 40$

Splendid Japanese flower with highly contrasting colors ! Large flowers with pale pink petals, almost white, creating a superb contrast with the fluffy center forms of a blend of different tones of pink and white. Upright stems with lateral buds extending the blooming season. Mid-season bloomer. Height of 80 cm. A true classic.


First Arrival (Anderson, 1986)-119$

Large semi-double to double flowers of a pink-lavender color at the opening which fades gradually to reach a pale pink coloration. However, the basis of each petal keeps its intensity and its dark lavender color without fading. Lot of flowers at mid-season. Fragrant flowers are carried well above the foliage on firm stems. Height 90 cm.


Garden Treasure (Hollingsworth, 1992)-139$

A Gold medal winner awarded by the American Peony Society in 1996. Big semi-double flowers, of a true yellow. Each stem carries one to three flowers buds, opening up in sequence permitting to stretch the flowering season on more of two weeks. The flower is carried well above the foliage on rigid stems. Fragrant. Height: 75 cm. Excellent plant, this peony will well deserve its investment.

Golly (Klehm, 1965)-45$

Charming! You wont be able to resist to the charm of this delightful double peony ! Large petals of a pale pink surround a golden center on top of which we see a little nest of petals of the same pale pink. Vigorous plant with strong upright stems. Height of 80 cm. Mid-season bloomer. A true beauty !

Goldilocks (Gilbertson, 1975)-55$

Big double flower, of type sticks out, of a beautiful pale yellow. Color inherited of the his/her/its parents, the peonies Oriental Gold and Claire of Moon. Very steamy petals, sometimes veined of red. Hasty flowering to half-season. Height: 70cm


Green Lotus (Krekler-Klehm, 1999) - 45$

Another Cactus Dalhia style baby ! Simple flower form with irregurlay denticulated petals typical of this kind of peony. Its color is a wonderful mix mainly white with accents of green and soft rose. Plus, flowers are supported by strong stems and a beautiful foliage. Sweety! Plant of 85 cm. Late bloomer. Very slightly fragrant. New and different!

Hillary (Anderson, 1999) -109$

Huge double flowers of a very dark pink at the opening that fades gradually to a cream color on the upper part of the petals whereas the lower part keeps its red-rose coloration. A spectacular effect with a multitude of flowers at different fading stages. Height: 90 cm. Start blooming at mid season. Fragrant.


Honeygold (Klehm, avant 1976) -55$

Rare and beautiful. This peony has japanese flowers with creamy white petals. Large center forms of a mix of gold and creamy white petaloids becoming almost a full double as the flower ages. Very good fragrance. Extremely floriferous and long blooming season with the sidebars. Strong stems holding well the gracious flowers. Plant of about 90 cm. Mid-season bloomer.

Julia Rose (Anderson)- 109$

Simple to semi-double flowers of a red-cherry color on the opening that fades gradually toward an orange salmon and finally become of a mixture of cream and pale rose. The flower is carried well above the foliage on firm stems. Height: 90 cm. Flowering season starts at mid-season. Good for the garden but makes also an excellent cut flower with its dark green foliage and long stems.


Krinkled White (Brand, 1928, )-30$

One of the most beautiful peony with white simple flowers. Large white petals undulated with a golden center. Lots of flowers due to the presence of may secondary buds. Even if the stems are flexible, they supported well the flowers without staking. Plant of 90 cm. Mid-season bloomer.

Langley (Bosckstoce, 1955)-45$

Another beauty of M. Bosckstoce ! Langley is a peony with beautiful double flowers of a vivid pink. Sparse golden stamens are visible through the petals. A pretty early mid season bloomer (-1). Plant of 85-90 cm. One of the very rare double peonies to bloom so early in the season. Temptation…

Lemon Dream (Anderson, 1999) -119$

Large yellow semi-double flowers, similar in form to Bartzella but with a very special feature! The flowers are generally yellow with pink streaks on some petals. But, intersectionals could be instable and it can appear very crazy things·. In Lemon Dream, sometimes the plant can generate a flower half yellow and half pink! The flowers are carried by robust stems, well above foliage. Magnificent port. Height: 120 cm. Mid-season.


Minnie Shaylor (Shaylor, 1919) - 45$

Beautiful semi-double peony where the flowers opens blush and become quickly pur white. Strong stems. Contrasting center forms of golden stamens and red carpels creating a pretty effect. Beautiful foliage. Easy of culture and lots of flowers. Plant of about 1 meter. Mid to late mid-season bloomer. No 1.

My Petite Cherie (Klehm) - 40$

This charming little peony well deserves its name! Very compact plant with pretty semi-doubles flowers of a light pink with golden stamens. Plant of 60-70 cm. Mid-season bloomer. Flowers are strongly supported by the stems, no support required. Good fragrance. Excellent peony for the landscape!


Pastel Splendor (Anderson, 1996)-109$

A peony for the romantic garden. Large simple flower of a cup shape. The yellow petals, nearly cream-colored, are streaked of fine lines of a very pale pink. The margin of each petal is edged of rose. A crimson stain marks the basis of each of the ten petals, which surrounds a fine crown of white stamens. The stems are robust and carry the flowers well above foliage. Height 90 cm. Mid-season bloomer.

Petite Elegance (Klehm, 1995)-50$

A truly elegant peony ! Extremely beautiful peony with an original pattern of flower's colour. Semi-double flower made of a blend of rose and creamy-yellow. In fact, the lower part of each petal is creamy-yellow but the upper part is of a vivid pink with lightly crumpled margins. A picotee effect! The large flowers a held upright on straight stems. Height of 70-75 cm. Blooms at mid-season. Elegant and unique !

Pink Cotton Candy (Reath, 2000)-55$

A peony with a really really really gorgeous flower. A plant with extra strong stems holding the flowers strongly and well above the healthy foliage. A garden plant no 1 for landscaping like most of the hybrids created by the Reath's family. Full double flower of a soft pink with darker tones at the base of the petals. Slighty fragrant. Compact plant of 70 cm. Mid-season bloomer. Just gorgeous!

Prairie Charm (Hollingsworth, 1992)-89$

Another baby of the breeder Don Hollingsworth. Prairie Charm bears yellow semi-doubles flowers. Flowers are of a medium size. Each petal has a reddish flare at the base contrasting nicely with the yellow of the rest of the petal. Mature plant height 90 cm. Flowers are fragrant. Excellent peony for the garden, very reliable.


Rasperry Rumba (Klehm, 1995) - 45$

A good name for this Rumba dancer who bears many dancing flowers on top of foliage. Each flower is of a mix of white and red with crazy petals.Good stems strength. Each stems has many secondary buds extending the season. Plant of 85 cm. For the gardeners searching for something different and exotic…


Red Charm (Glasscock, 1944) - 50$

One of the very best red ! Beautiful peony who will meet your expectations either for garden uses or for those interested in dry or fresh flowers. Always in high demand by the florists for its large bomb type flower of a luminous red ! Gold metal winner in 1956 from the American Peony Society. Red Charm date of bloom is used has the standard for the blooming calendar. Fragrant. Plant of 85 cm. Early mid-season bloomer. Red Charm is certainly one of the very best peony buys on the market!.

Salmon Jazz (Klehm, 2003)-55$

Love at first sight! Jewel for the garden. This newly bred peony, cactus dahlia style by the Klehm family is a showstopper. Tall plant where each stem bear between 3 to 5 flowers, semi-doubles. Long and very narrow petals, pink coral, make the flowers look like a star. Strong stems holding the flowers without any support. Just gorgeous. Good either for the landscape and for the cut flower market. Late mid-season bloomer. Very light fragrance. One of my heart loving ones for this year.

Scarlet Heaven (Anderson, 1999)- 109$

One of the rare red colored intersectional hybrids that deserve to be on the market. Its foliage didn’t get these ugly brown spots that appears on some others red intersectionals. Large simple flower of a shining red with a center of golden stamens. Very nice plant with a remarkable port. The rigid stems carry these magnificent flowers well above foliage.If red is your color, that’s a plant for you!. Blooms at mid-season. Heigth 90 cm. Fragrant.


Serene Pastel ( Klehm)-40$

Finally, I can offer few divisions. Lots of visitors wanted this pretty peony last year. Double flowers of a very light pale pink-salmon color. In fact, the center is of a slightly darker salmon pink and the outside petals are almost white. Very good stems supporting the flowers without problem. Compact plant of 80 cm.

Spiffy (Krekler-Klehm, 1999) - 40$

Punchy accent in the garden ! A Japanese flower extremely attractive contrasting colors. Fuschia guard petals surround a large center of creamy petaloids with fuschia accents. Beautiful contrasting colors. Fragrant flowers. Plant of 75 cm. Mid-season bloomer. Splendid!

Splendid Cornelia (Klehm, 2003)-45$

A new peony on the market, registered only in 2003. Large double flower, well formed, of a white blush. Rose tipped carpels. Strong stems. Mid season bloomer. Compact plant of 75 cm. It needs a try…..

Sunny Side Up (Bigger, 1979)- 40$

Another peony with japanese type flowers. Love them because they are floriferous and easy of culture. White petals surround a center of golden stamens with vivid red carpels. Plant of about 90 cm. Mid-season bloomer. Rarely seen on the market. A good discovery in my catalogue this year…

Sweet Melody (Hollingsworth, 1992)- 35$

An original ! Each stem of this peony bears three different flowers. Three different models on the same stem. Look closely at the pictures. All are of a semi-double form with varying intensities of white and soft rose. Plant of 95 cm. Blooms at the beginning of mid-season. Light perfume. Stems are strong but will bend with the weight of the three flowers. Support will improve the presentation. Splendid and good for romantic garden!

Tenuifolia-botanical species - 45$

Tenuifolia group distinguishes itself by a very finely cut foliage and a smaller size. Parents of the mini's hybrids. A mature plant doesn't reach 60 cm. It carries simple vivid red flowers, in the shape of a cup. Extremely hardy, this species is very well adapted to cold weather! Among the first to bloom in the spring. Very early bloomer, it is an ideal plant to strengthen the flowering season.


Viking Full Moon(, 1944) - 109$

Another gorgeous yellow peony plant with a healthy foliage. Foliage is typical of all the other intersectionals: shiny, healthy, strong stems, leaves cut typical of a tree peony. The flowers, of a semi-double to double form, are hold well above the foliage and all over the plant, not only on the create a spectacular effect. Long blooming season as all the intersectionals with secondary buds. True yellow flowers with red flares at the basis of the petals. Plant of about 1 meter. Fragrant flowers. Number one choice for landscaping!

Virginia Dare (Newhouse, 1939) - 30$

Nice and elegant ! Virgina Dare is a peony with pretty simple flowers formed of many rows of pure white petals and a golden center. Tall with strong stems able to resist to bad weather! Blooms at the end of mid-season. Excellent cut flower too. Height of 80-85 cm.

Walter Mains (Mains, 1957) - 45$

Huge japanese type flower absolutely gorgeous! First time we are able to offert this variety and it is in limited quantity. Another extraordinary creation of Watler Mains, same breeder who creates beautiful Buckeye Belle. Big velvet red petals surround a large center mix of red and gold. Very strong steps holding well the flowers. Early mid-season bloomer. No noticeable fragrance. Plant of about 90 cm. Limited quantities.

White Innocence (Saunders, 1947) - 45$

A geant among the peony family….and I am happy to say that 1m50, it’s tall! Exactly, my height! It bears simples flowers, pure white, with a tiny golden stamens center of greeninsh accents. Flowers are grouped in small bouquets. Really lovely. Lots of secondary buds stretchs blooming season. Plant of 1m50. Beginning of mid-season bloomer. A truly unique look for a peony.


Wind Chimes (Reath, 1984) - 45$

Another very early bloomer with finely cut foliage and beautiful lavender flowers. Graceous peony! Plant of 85cm with strong stems, no support. Sorry for the missing picture, but it blooms too fast. At least you have an idea of the foliage....