Our flowers are cut and ship in buds to make easier the transportation and conservation.

We ship the flowers in rigid cardboard boxes in which we put <<Ice packs>> to keep them fresh. For deliveries within the province of Quebec, flowers are generally shipped by bus, either early in the morning or in late evening (overnight shipping for long distances) when outside temperatures are fresher.

For orders in other provinces in Canada or for the United States, we need to ship them with Fedex overnight shipping. Orders leave early evening and are usually delivered the morning after before lunch time. Shipping fees are at the customer's expenses and should be paid directly by the customer to the shipping company either with a credit card number or a Fedex account number.

As our peonies are cut in buds, shipping has to be done at least 5 days before the event to give enough time for transportation, flower's opening and preparing the floral arrangements. Most of the time, for events holding of Saturday or Sunday, shippig are done at the very beginning of the week, either Mondays or Tuesdays.

Even if our flowers are of excellent quality, we can not be responsable if a problem/delay occurs during transportation or at the customs. This is out of our control. However, we will help our customers if even a problem appears and will discuss with Fedex to get the cancellation of the shipping fees. But, if it is not possible to cancel them, they will stay at the charge of the customer.We do not give any garantee on the survival of the flowers during storage in our customer's cold storage neither on their vase life after beiing kept in cold storage because these issues depends on factors out of our control.