Flower's vae life? The vase life of the peony cut flowers depends on many factors. In general, flowers with semi-double, double and japanese forms have a vase life of about a week in good conditions. Simple flowers have a shorter vase life. Same also for some new varieties like the corals (ex.: Coral Charm & Coral Sunset) and for the rintersectional peonies (ex.: Bartzella et Garden Treasure).

Keep them cool! Always think that the longer you keep your flowers cool in cold storage or in a refrigerator, the longer is the vase life. Ideal temperature for conservation is between 1 to 2C. So take the floral arrangements out of the refrigerator only when you need them or you want to see them or few minutes before a specific event. Avoid direct light from sun or a window with southern exposure, a direct source of heat or a room with too high temperature. Again if your event lasts many days, replace the arrangements in cold storage for the nigths.

Good hygiene practices are essential! All the tools and the vase should be perfectly clean. Eliminate leaves and foliage that could be under water. Recut the stem under water. Small air bubbles in water can block the tiny capillary of the stems and restrict the uptake of water. Do not crush the stems, do clean cut. Add clean water and change it every day. After few days, sterilise your tools and vases, change water, add flower food and recut the stems.. Éliminez toutes les feuilles qui se trouveront sous l’eau afin d’éviter le souillage de l’eau.